Episode 250: Your Seat At The Table With Richard Branson.

You’ve probably heard of Richard Branson.

And if you’re an entrepreneur, you’re probably fan of this “Tie-loathing adventurer, philanthropist & troublemaker, who believes in turning ideas into reality”. 

Before our world was hit with this Pandemic, our host Roland Frasier, managed to maneuver a deal that led to this conversation with the founder of Virgin at Traffic and Conversion Summit.

In This Episode,

You’ll hear what they talked about, the advice Richard gives to Entrepreneurs like you, and the mindset that precedes his world-changing success. Roland Frasier’s business partner, Ryan Deiss, sets the stage.

“Richard Branson, if you don’t know, is the entrepreneur’s entrepreneur, the marketer’s marketer. This guy was doing crazy outlandish things before doing crazy outlandish things was cool”. Ryan Deiss

What To Think About When Building Your Brand.

First of all, you’re only as good as your own reputation: your personal reputation and the reputation of your brand. So you’ve got to zealously protect your reputation and not get tempted to do anything that you could feel uncomfortable reading about the next morning in the newspapers”. Richard Branson.

Plus, In This Episode

Roland asks Branson some of his favorite questions, the themes our listeners expect on Business Lunch Podcast.

1) What motivates and drives Branson to do the things he does?

We didn’t have the internet to promote our companies in those days. So we needed to use ourselves to get out there and get the companies on the map. And I think these adventures gave us a much more sort of ‘sexy’ image or something that people should identify”. Branson

2)  How does he find great people to work for his Virgin companies?

“We get a big blank sheet of paper, and we think, right, how can we make this company different and far more appealing than any other company that’s gone before us”. Richard Branson

3) What makes a good partnership?

“Partnerships in business can be equally magical. You’ve got to give and take and sometimes be, you know, overly generous toward your partner to make sure that it works.” Branson

4) Which Industry is Richard excited about now, and how is he expanding?

“I gave up waiting to be taken to Space by NASA or by the Russians or by the Chinese and realized that they just were not interested in taking us to Space. So I traveled the world, looking for a genius engineer, and we started building up a Space company”. Richard Branson

Be Inspired By Richard Branson’s Philanthropic Philosophies.

“When you’re a small business, you’ve got to first look after yourself, make sure you keep healthy. Once you know that you’ve got yourself well, look after your employees and the people around you, then maybe your local village, then maybe your local city. Look at what things you can do to help. Then, maybe your country. And then when you become a global brand like Virgin, you’ve got to look at the global issues and see how you can help. And I think if, if we can get every company to do that, most of the problems with this world, I think, can be solved.” Richard Branson.

And more!

Did You Know? 

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