Episode 108: How Do You Grow An Already Fast Growing Company? Roland’s 10X Framework Applied, With Andy Mackensen.

We are happy to have a great episode for you today with Roland and Andy Mackensen, of Snack Nation.

Andy’s 4-year-old company hit #24 on the Inc, 500 Fastest companies list in 2018. They are currently meeting a need with healthy snack delivery for around 6000 offices. But what they really do, is discover the newest healthy snacks and curate the best of them. In turn, they provide value on multiple fronts by also collecting data from their customers for the suppliers.

In today’s episode, Roland consults with Andy on how to 10X this thriving business. We get to be a fly on the wall as they consider some options and angles. Listen if you have a business that you are trying to scale and need some smart strategies. For more on this – and some context – check out episode 77 where Roland breaks down the strategy ‘How To Take Your 1 Million Dollar Business To 10 Million’.

We realized this pivot could help us accomplish our mission faster, and in a much better way. The entire thing made more sense.” Andy Mackensen

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Listen Today for

• The reason(s) Andy abandoned a successful and fast-growing vending machine business that was generating 25k per month

• How he convinced his investors that the above was the right idea.

• The roll that mission has to play in EVERYTHING.

• How they’re helping 500,000 employees across the country by helping them be healthier while helping snack companies learn more about their target markets through the data they’re collecting.

• The value exchange that ensures they don’t need to pay retail, ensuring a lower cost of goods sold.

• The Data Play opportunity that makes their model twice as successful.

• The fully customizable model that keeps the recurring revenue coming in.

Keep up as Roland and Andy brainstorm and hash out ways to grow his business further

  • Through Increasing Value
  • Though Product or Market Expansion
  • Through Partnerships (and affiliate relationships)
  • Through Acquisitions

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