Episode 107: Think Again – Print Media Is Back With A Vengeance, with Roland Frasier

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In true magazine style, Roland gives us not one but two tidbits to consider in today’s snackable (and stackable) episode. The first is a rising trend which provides a great opportunity to consider, and the second is a behind the scenes look at how he and his team collect and use data for WarRoom.

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Are you looking for the next revenue stream or advertising media for your online or offline business?

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  • A heads up on Print Media: 134 brand new print magazines published at least quarterly have emerged in the last 2 years alone.
  • At the forefront of this trend are media companies like Meredith (With Magnolia mag featuring Fixer Upper Stars) which reportedly has 5.6 million readers and over 910,000 paid subscribers in just two short years in print.
  • Other Internet companies like AirBnB, Away (Here), Bumble (BumbleMag) and DollarShaveClub (Mel) – are also leading the way.
  • These mags are reaching Millenials, an often hard to reach demographic.

Consider doing this if you want to:

  • Better connect uninterruptedly with your audience.
  • Reach highly segmented audiences with very specific interests.

“One thing is for sure, Print is definitely on the rebound and creates a deeper connection with audiences that are willing to pay for high-quality content – an experience free of email and social media notifications.” – Roland Frasier

Plus A Bonus Segment From Roland

What data can you gather to improve the customer experience for your clients?

  • Roland describes how his team tries new ideas at each event and measures the customer experience with feedback forms.
  • In turn, they’re able to constantly improve the experience for their customers.
  • It’s essential you don’t just gather, but analyze and take action on the data you collect in order to serve your customer better.

References Mentioned in this episode:

Magnolia Mag

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