Strategies and Secrets From Sara Blakely, Billionaire Founder of Spanx

Sara Blakely took on a declining industry and ended up changing the way women dress. She is the Billionaire Founder of SPANX and was named by Time magazine on their list of the 100 most influential people in the world (2012).

Two years ago, we aired part of Roland Frasier’s conversation with Sara Blakely. You can hear that here. Today, we’re sharing some of the conversation that we held back: More questions that we think Entrepreneurs (and our business-minded listeners) will want to hear. Whether you’re growing a successful business, dreaming up ideas, or struggling to navigate challenging times, this episode will encourage you on your Entrepreneurial journey. 

 What he was doing was just reframing our definition of failure…The only failure for me is not trying” – Sara Blakely.

Listen For How Sara Blakely –

• Stays Motivated (and who inspired her to break through the ceiling)?

• Wrote a profound (and very specific) goal in her journal two years before she had her billion-dollar idea.

• Continues to get great ideas (by making her 5-minute commute last an hour).

“I think a lot of my next inventions and ideas in the car” – Sara Blakely.

Plus, Sara Answers…

1. How Spanx’s customer acquisition channel has changed over the years.

2. Her strategy for maximizing customer lifetime value.

3. How she expanded Internationally.

4. Which Book has she gifted the most.

5. Does she ever take time off and recharge?

Today’s Top Takeaway

What you don’t know (in business) can turn out to be your biggest asset.

Did You Know?  

March is an extra special month for the podcast. We’ve also lined up the release of Roland’s interviews with Sir Richard Branson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Marcus Lemonis, and a special International Women’s Day episode too.

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