Episode 181: The Guitar Teacher That Makes Millions: How To Shorten Your Path To Success, With Charlie Wallace

Charlie Wallace has managed to do what SO many others have not been able to figure out. Make Millions playing guitar! (Ok, it’s a little more complicated than that.) In his conversation with Roland Frasier, the founder of Guitar Mastery Method shares his path to success and the principles that have enabled him to make millions and live his dream.

If you are trying to build a passion business online, you will be encouraged by this episode. If you’re trying to transition from being the brand or product to being the CEO, this episode is for you.

Charlie had a clear goal for his business, a strong and simple Why:  To make enough money to hire his whole band and ensure that they could all tour at the drop of a hat, and show up to practice on time, every time! He’s now doing just that, and more, with a worldwide team making millions.

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Charlie’s Top 3 Tips To Help You Succeed In Your Venture:

1.‘Spend Time’ With Your Top 5 Entrepreneurial Gurus.

“I had to listen to them every single day, just to change my mindset, because I had never known anybody with money. So I had to really change a lot of the paradigms in my mind”. Charlie Wallace.

2. Spend any money that you make, especially in the beginning, on education.

Don’t hesitate if you can get direct education with people that know what they’re doing.

3. Have a big enough Why?

“I went to crazy lengths and worked insane hours and didn’t sleep and, you know, sacrificed everything for a large period of years to get the business to where it is. I was going to say work harder than anyone else, but it’s too easy to lose motivation. But if you have the Why the hard work is going to happen automatically”. Charlie Wallace.

Plus, Listen For

• Advice on making a video course (thanks to Charlie’s hindsight).

“If you know a subject, I literally would just bullet point it and speak to the camera because it’s so much better to have a conversation with somebody through a camera than speaking off a script”. Charlie Wallace

• How he transitioned from being the product and brand to the CEO role.

“At the end of the day, if I die, Guitar Mastery Method will live on, but it wouldn’t have a few years ago”. Charlie Wallace.

• Non-compete issues and hiring success.

• What didn’t work.

“I tried to create something to sell to everybody, and because of that, I could sell it to nobody.” Charlie Wallace.

And more!

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