Episode 189: The Power of Determination and Re-Positioning in Marketing, with Glen Ledwell

Glen Ledwell is an Australian-born serial entrepreneur who has launched and sold half a dozen successful businesses in various industries. Now the co-founder & the CEO of Mind Movies, Glen continues to be the driving force behind all their marketing strategies. He spends most of his time in San Diego, helping new and seasoned entrepreneurs grow their purpose-driven businesses.

If you’re riding the waves of change and Covid-19, you’ll be encouraged to hear that even the highly successful have to be tenacious, determined, and careful in their marketing. Glen’s down-to-earth nature and stories will leave you inspired. If you want more from Glen, reach out to him at MindMovies.com

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Listen Today For, 

  • The casual idea and $2300 investment that turned into a roaring success.
  • Why he wouldn’t do it that way again!

I think about all the ways that it should have and would have failed. Only that, you know, I just had that determination that ‘we can’t fail’. If we fail, we’re just screwed. I would never advise anyone to do that – come straight out of the gate like that”. Glen Ledwell

  • How he mentors people to launch today.
  • The frustrations and breakthroughs in scaling to the next level.

We didn’t know how easy we had it. In our second year, we did $3 million, and our third year was $6 million. I mean, this was more money than I could even fathom. And then honestly, it was just doing a couple of launches a year. We stayed that at that $5-6 million mark and now that I look back, it was pretty easy. Right. But thank God we actually got better and better and better, because we wouldn’t have stayed there.” Glen Ledwell.

• The perfect storm that wiped out their profit margin.

• The troubleshooting and determination that helped them recover and led to their best year ever (last year).

“I made it my mission to get Facebook to work, no matter what. I mean, thank goodness. Right? But then what happens? Well, then you’re relying on Facebook. That’s worse!” Glen Ledwell

Plus, When The Pandemic Shut Things Down

• How the Pandemic Shut Down effected his thriving business.

In all the different businesses you’ve been in, stuff like this has happened. And it always is followed by an up-turn. I mean, we’re in a business that helps people online. So, I mean, it’s, it’s kind of a no brainer that we were going to be okay.” Glen Ledwell

• The significant changes they made (and what didn’t work).

It was more like, from a visual perspective, no more videos or Ads from flashy studios, they’re at home. And every email started with, “In this time we’re in…” because you know what’s in their head. I felt if you didn’t do that. It was just so in-congruent”. Glen Ledwell.

• The offer that ‘just killed it’ (in a good way).

• Why he’s never been more grateful to be in the business he’s in.

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