Episode 130: How To Become The General Of Your Business So That You Can Do Something Big, with Dan Hanford

Today Roland Frasier brings us a great conversation with another inspiring individual whose family of companies have an annual budget of over $10MM. Dan Hanford is the founder of PassiveInvesting.com and a born entrepreneur. He has an extensive background in starting multiple seven-figure businesses from scratch.

If you love growth and scaling, you will definitely connect with our guests. If you’re frustrated in your business right now, this episode will help to unlock some ideas and inspiration for moving forward. To dig deeper with our guest, head over to his website.

“I realized I was just going into the office and putting out fires. I needed to figure out how to become the general of my business. The Warren Buffett model”. Dan Hanford

Listen Today For,

  • His first entrepreneurial venture that still brings in 7-Figures today.
  • How he finds a need in order to fill it (the basis of a great business idea).
  • A legal battle that he lost, and learned from.
  • An explanation of what Phantom Equity is, and how this has worked really well for Hanford.
  • The steps Hanford took to meet his goal of adding 5 new clinics within 2 years.
  • Why he stopped offering Chiropractic services at his Chiropractic business, and why he stopped at 5 clinics.
  • Roland’s proposal and plan for Dr. Dan.
  • The “Really Good Formula for success” that launched Dan into his current venture.

“I don’t want to do something small. I want to do something big. None of the opportunities in front of me were big enough”. Dan Hanford.

Plus, Hanford Shares What He’s Doing Now and Why:

  • The best decision he made to hire the mentor that he did.
  • The all-organic way that he finds his investors.
  • How they vet investors and the two types of investors that they don’t want.
  • The Depreciation factor that makes these investments so much more profitable and so much more desirable.

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