Episode 194, 101 Touchpoints To Target For An Air-Tight Customer Experience, With Roland Frasier

Have you taken a close look at the TouchPoints that make up YOUR Customer Experience? 

If customer experience is more critical in 2020 than product or price (See episode 190), then you might want to zoom in and examine where your customer is experiencing your brand. 

In this short episode, Roland walks you through a master list that you can hand down to your team or dive into yourself (if you dare). 

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Listen for an (almost) exhaustive list of, 

1. Pre-Purchase Touch Points

Ads, Walk-by, Walk-in, Word of mouth, Print Ad, Radio, TV, Trade Show, Referral websites, Website, Blog, Newsletter, Flyer, Search engine, Email, Webinar, Podcasts, and Landing pages.

Then there’s all of your Social media, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, LinkedIn, et cetera. 

Don’t forget user-generated content, including Testimonials that they might see, Messenger chats, User groups, Forums, Review sites, Retargeting campaigns, Comparison sites, Competitor sites, Online store, the Call centers, the Physical store, Amazon, Direct mail samples? Free trials, and (!) anything else you can think of!

2. Purchase TouchPoints.

Listen to Roland’s list of touchpoints during checkout alone!

“My wife leaves over a billion tabs open on her browser—all on shopping carts. Several of them just disappear every so often. They’re not persistent. They don’t stay. And then she goes to buy it. And it’s gone, and she never goes back and buys again, and we hate them forever. Right?” Roland Frasier.

3. The Post Purchase Touch Points

“Most people drop the ball here. They don’t think about anything. They let whatever automated confirmation process happen. And then they forget about it because they’re too concerned with just delivering the thing that the person bought and getting the next person! But there’s so much more money to be had, and Goodwill to earn in the customer’s experience.” Roland Frasier

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