Episode 124: Traffic Secrets With Chad Hamzeh: A Step By Step Strategy For Winning Campaigns.

Before Chad Hamzeh was an online traffic expert and the founder of multiple businesses, he was a professional MMA fighter. You may have come across his Traffic Black Books which our host Roland Frasier rates highly. 

As a successful and sought after media buyer, Chad lets us behind the curtain in this episode. If you’re looking for a detailed Ad strategy there is A LOT to gain from listening in today. They get stuck into concrete steps that you can use in your online marketing.

“Our space is a crowded space – lots of places these days are crowded spaces now because it’s never been easier to get something up and going”. Chad Hamzeh

Listen Today For

  • His first step into making money online.
  • How he came to start an agency by accident.
  • Why he loves organic traffic and paid traffic over SEO.
  • How to find the creatives that work and the types he prefers to lean on.
  • What opened the doors for Chad to get into larger scale Media buying.
  • The smart move he made to quickly hire a quality team.
  • A step by step funnel example.
  • How to stand out in a crowded space.
  • Why looking at Lifetime Customer Value makes the cost of campaigns make sense.
  • The profitable role of follow up emails.
  • The likely reason you “can’t crack this Facebook thing”.
  • His thoughts on paying for premium ads.
  • Roland’s Good, Better, Best recommendation for Chad.
  • How to best get started with ONE traffic source, and when Pinterest is the best bet.
  • Overlooked traffic sources!
  • What you can expect to pay a Media Buyer and the person who does Creatives and creative strategy.
  • And so much more!

“If you need to turn one dollar into ten very quickly, buy email traffic. I haven’t seen a source that converts as well on the first touchpoint. Rent someone’s email list”. Chad Hamzeh

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Chad’s Traffic Books 

Funnel Flux 

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