Episode 125, Exceed Your Growth Goals By Positioning Your Business In The Tailwind Of Trends, With Roland Frasier 

Are You Running Up The Down Escalator?

Do you see other business owners having success and making it look so easy and wonder why it always seems so hard for you? If you’re having a hard time increasing the sales, profits or value of your business, you might just be running up the down escalator.

McKinsey studies have shown that the fastest-growing companies are those in fastest growing industries.

When your business embraces a current upward trend it’s amazing how much easier everything is, it’s like having the tailwind at your back. No matter how good your product or service is, if you’re fighting against a downward trend everything will be ten times harder.

Become a Trend-aware person. Consciously design your business to take advantage of trends as they come and go. 

“You’re only limited by your own ability to be creative and adapt your business to the trends happening around you right now”. Roland Frasier

Ask yourself

• How can you adapt your existing product line or service offering business to incorporate one or some of these trends?

• Which geographic areas are growing the fastest?

Don’t limit yourself to the places you’ve always known and have always operated. If that’s daunting, look for partners who already have a foothold or distribution channel in those markets.

15 Major Long Term Trends To Watch & Incorporate For Fast Business Growth

1 Aging of many countries’ populations.

2 The rise of blockchain technologies.

3 The incredible popularity of CBD.

4 Voice search.

5 Artificial Intelligence as a service (AIAAS).

6 5-G Data networks.

7 Autonomous driving.

8 Personalized predictive concierge medicine.

9 Anti-Aging.

10 Organic everything.

11 Computer vision.

12 The Internet Of Things.

13 Virtual Reality.

14 Augmented Reality.

15 The Artisanal-ized economy.

How will you position your business in 2020 to benefit from the tailwind of trends to help meet and exceed your growth goals?

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