Episode 185: What’s So Great About An Email List? With Serial Entrepreneur Anik Singal

Anik Singal is our guest today on Business Lunch With Roland Frasier. He shares a ton of takeaways for entrepreneurs! Anik is a Co-Founder of Send Lane (SAAS)LURN.com (an eLearning platform), a Live event company, Webinar Conand more! 

Anik is enjoying a record year across his businesses. If this is a roaring success of a year for you, OR, the worst year you could imagine, listen in today for tips, tricks and strategies. Wherever you’re at in your business, you will appreciate Anik’s perspective and passion for business.

Every entrepreneur has that lemonade stand story. I was in third grade and opened a lemonade stand, but I hired second graders to run it! I used to be inside watching cartoons”. Anik Singal

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Listen For Anik’s Expert Approach To Email

  • The cardinal rule for working your email list.
  • Why you absolutely NEED to use your audience (wherever it is), to build up your email list. 

The one big reason is this; you own your email list. No one can take that away from you, right? You do not own your YouTube audience. You do not own your Facebook audience or any of these platforms, and they can, and many times have taken it away from you”. Singal

  • A winning strategy for your newsletter content.

“You may not even know we’re in the middle of promoting or getting you revved up for a launch we’re doing, we’re doing it through tremendous values. So I call it the hybrid model, where you’re not saying, ‘today, am I doing content’ or am ‘I doing a pitch email’, I actually love doing a hybrid.” Singal

PLUS, What To Do If You’re Starting Out Right Now.

Roland asked Anik if he was to start all over again, how would he do it? Anik shared these steps with you.

Step 1: Build An Audience 

Anik recommends these platforms in order of how powerful they are…1) Email Lists, 2) YouTube, 3) Facebook Groups, 4) Podcasts. He explains why in the episode, so be sure to listen. 

Step 2: Get Yourself 1000 Concrete Followers.

Singal believes to get those 1000 Concrete followers that you need about 3000 subscribers on YouTube, 4000 In a Facebook group, and 10,000 on an email list.

Then I just know it; you build the audience, you’ll figure out how to make money.” Singal 

Step 3: If you’re building a Software company;

Here’s my advice. Unless you are very technical yourself, if you’re building a software company, your first, most expensive =hire should be a very advanced technical person.

Plus, You’ll Hear

  • The Learning philosophy that has led to his success.

“That’s why you’re not making money because you are sitting back and waiting for you to learn everything. Just started doing. That’s all. It’s literally how I learn everything I do. I just start doing.” Singal

  • What fuels and motivates Singal (It’s not money).
  • How Singal came to make a million dollars in his last year of College.
  • The power of asking great questions.

“My superpower is that I know how to find the right people. And I asked lots of good questions. I’ll never waste anyone’s time.” Singal.

  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to ‘fail’.

It’s okay to fall flat on your face, mess it up first two or three attempts or two or three clients. That’s the best way to learn. There’s no better way.” Singal.

…And so much more!

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