Episode 159, Why Coke And Pepsi Will Never Put Kara Goldin Out Of Business.

Entrepreneur Kara Goldin describes Hint Water as a Fifteen-year-old startup, but Hint is highly profitable and seeing crazy growth in 2020, even in the midst of the Pandemic. Before launching the company that she sees as her calling, Kara ran e-commerce for AOL. Because of Kara’s unique story and ability to disrupt, she has traveled the world speaking to entrepreneurs and executives, motivating those who strive to become leaders. In this episode, she and Roland Frasier talk shop, and she shares some of her story and her insights for entrepreneurs. 

Roland Frasier has been sharing a series of live Zoom calls with his Mastermind members on his Facebook page since the crisis began. Now would be a smart time to follow him there. Also, scroll down for a unique and timely opportunity Roland is sharing with his listeners. 

If you enjoy this podcast and want to hear more from Kara, she has her own show called Unstoppable, and you can visit her site here.

“I think, as Entrepreneurs, we can lead an industry, not just lead the consumer… there’s room for all of us, and if I can not only help consumers to find the right things but also lead companies to do the right thing, that’s massive.” Kara Godin.

Listen Today For,

• The ‘Made In America’ Advantage that’s opening doors in this new economy.

• A simple phone call that Godin is making to her distributors that delivers solutions – and ensures sales in these tough economic times.

• Why she’s never been afraid of Coke or Pepsi coming in and wiping out her business.

More and more, consumers look for brands that are authentic, where there’s someone behind the brand…this is partly because of the media, but people want to know the story behind the brands.” Kara Goldin.

• The role of your personal brand in propping up your company. 

• An opportunity that Entrepreneurs have to change the status quo and make a difference. 

“As an entrepreneur with a mission to help people enjoy great-tasting clean water, I felt that it was my civil responsibility to go to my local Congress to try to bring federal guidelines to clean water throughout the US.” Kara Godin.

Plus, 4 Takeaways You Can Learn From Godin’s Success

1) When you recognize a problem that you think you have a great solution for, don’t assume that someone else has thought about that same problem.

2) Can you get out of your own way? Sometimes you need to commit and embark on a journey before you can get all your ducks in a row. 

“Every day I’m thinking, what did I learn from that experience?” Kara Godin.

3) Take the time to stop and think about what you would do differently if you knew what you know now.

4) Be wary of being too reliant on one distributor, one partner, or one channel. 

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