Episode 160, 9 Steps to 750 Million Views (And Product Sales) On TikTok.

Have you already established your business on TikTok?

Major brands are now hitting TikTok. It’s the fastest growing platform on the planet.

The time is now to experiment with it to see how you can best use it in your business. Roland is, as always, on top of it, and has a great snackable episode today. Here’s a sound strategy based on a case study of Ralph Laurens’ massively successful TikTok account.

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9 Actionable Steps To Build Your TikTok Campaign

1. Contract with an existing influencer. You could pay your new partner in cash OR send them product for free. Ideally, get an influencer who has an audience that matches your target market, and have them create videos that tie into your product. 

2. Choose a major event that appeals to your target market that already has a significant following of its own – on its own TikTok Hashtag. Look for a Hashtag with at least a few million views.

3. Post your videos to TikTok. 

4. Create your own unique Hashtag to promote your videos on Tiktok. Find steps to do that here.

“Note, You don’t have to have a ton of views to get your hashtag to go viral.” Roland Frasier

5. Make sure you add your unique hashtags to your influencer videos.

6. Create your hashtag challenge. Ralph Lauren did just that with this copy:

“Are you winning at real life? 🏆 Tell us how with #WinningRL and we’ll pick 3 champs”. #Challenge

7. Reward your winners with something cool, be it recognition, a product, or a prize. You can stop here, and keep your costs lower or continue to step 8 and 9.

8. Pay for a Paid-Ad option (The Sponsored # Challenge), to gain additional exposure.

When you do this, do what Ralph Lauren did, in tying your influencer, your main event, your #challenge all together to point toward your Hashtag. 

9. Use the Hashtag Challenge PLUS Paid-Ad option. This recent addition allows people to purchase products directly inside the app. It’s a game-changer!

“That’s where everything is really heading now with TikTok, that’s why you want to be here not, even if you’re not able to afford everything they’re offering, this is a game-changer – the ability to purchase in App. Roland Frasier

Check out the Ralph Lauren TikTok account for inspiration and examples. They’re definitely doing something right with somewhere north of a Billion users per month.

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