Episode 146 *Bonus Episode* How To Access Capital For Your Business, FAST, with Ty Crandall

Get All the Cash You Need to Survive & Thrive the Coronavirus Economy. In this BONUS episode of Business Lunch, Roland is rolling up his sleeves and helping entrepreneurs navigate the impact of the Covid 19 Pandemic. We’re sharing his conversation with Business Credit Expert Ty Crandall, recorded live on Facebook on March 21st, 2020. They talk about leveraging the new SBA loans, strategies to access crisis funding, and so much more!

Episode 145: Creating The Optimal Brain and Mindset For The Next 90 Days, With John Assaraf

Business, Mindset, Entrepreneurs,

We’re sharing what Roland describes as ‘one of the most important calls he’s been on’ amid this growing health/economic crisis. Roland talks with John Assaraf, one of the leading mindset and behavior experts in the world. He takes a deep dive into how to get your head right, but also how to approach your employees and clients during this time. This Mastermind call was recorded on March 21st, 2020.

Episode 144: What To Do To Survive And Thrive The Next 90 Days, With Roland Frasier 

Why this is NOT the time to panic… Business is still OPEN. Ever curious what it’s like to be a part of the War Room Mastermind? Here’s a look behind the curtain during our recent strategy call. Roland Frasier details how to change your finances, ops, people, and marketing right now so that you have the cash to get you through whatever happens. If you want to position yourself to ride the post-quarantine success wave, listen in. Tune in if you are nervous about your business and the economy. Will you freeze, fumble, or be able to fight, focus, and adapt?

Episode 143: *Special Episode* Adaptability & How To Swiftly Pivot During Chaotic Times, with Joe Polish, Roland Frasier and Dean Jackson

Business Mentors & Entrepreneurs

We have a timely special episode for you today, a ‘simulcast’ bonus edition thanks to Joe Polish and team. Roland Frasier sat with Joe and Dean Jackson to talk about adaptability and the moment we all are finding ourselves in with this global pandemic. If you want to learn how smart business owners and live event hosts are moving decisively to support their clients, preserve their team, and protect their bottom line, you need to listen in. 

Episode 142: How To Build Trust, Loyalty, and An Audience On Any Platform, with Yifat Cohen.

Mentor, Investor and Entrepreneur Roland Frasier talks with Yifat Cohen

Roland talks in this episode with Engagement maven, international speaker, and influencer/marketer, Yifat Cohan. She talks in this episode about how she is ‘anti-social media,’ insisting that impressions, likes, and shares don’t pay rent. “But conversions, shares, and interactions that move people to fall in love with your business do.” So if you’re curious about her strategies and how she’s getting 73% conversion rates, this episode is for you.