10 Ways to Improve Your Top Line Revenue

Could you use some freakishly effective marketing hacks that are easy to use and have been proven to work? We thought so. 

On today’s episode, host Roland Frasier shares 10 simple ways you can make more money on the products and services you’re selling just by making a few small tweaks. Want a sneak peek? Hack #2: friendly forms. “Friendly forms boost conversion,” Roland says. “Don’t ask for too much information. At the very beginning, keep your forms lean and simple, and watch your conversions go up.” And Hack #6: use UGC (user-generated content) photos to bump conversion. When you show photos of happy people using your product or service, it’s social proof. It helps other customers know, like, and trust you.

Listen in for more details about these 2 hacks and 8 more. 


  • How to leverage affiliated products and strategic partnerships to increase AOV 
  • Why Google outperformed Yahoo and how you can copy their method
  • Which marketing strategy is particularly effective with abandoned cart recovery
  • How to maintain consistency between the look/feel/messaging of your ad and landing page


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