10 Ways You Can Pivot Your Business

How could you leverage a pivot in your business to make more money, get yourself out of a challenge, or move toward a better opportunity?

On today’s episode, host Roland Frasier shares 10 major pivots you might want to consider for your business in the near future. What are some different directions you could take your business that could be more profitable or achieve some other objective? Maybe you want to be more environmentally conscious or build a better culture. Maybe you want more sales, at the expense of profits, because you want to grow your business now and worry about revenue later. There are hundreds of reasons to pivot. Whatever yours is, Roland has a solution. 

Listen in as he shares 10 different ways to pivot your business and offers valuable tips on getting started in a new direction.


  • How acquiring a business or media can help you pull off a zoom-in pivot 
  • Why a change in Google’s search algorithm might necessitate a channel pivot 
  • How to figure out how your customers’ needs have changed and pivot accordingly
  • When, why, and how to run your business through a 10-pivot analysis 


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