Episode 196, 14 Ways To Get The Feelings, Actions, And Beliefs Of Your Customer, With Roland Frasier

In the last few weeks, Roland has been digging into the theme of creating a superior customer experience. Today, he continues along that theme, with some lessons from Disney, whom we all know are the benchmark in customer experience, the ‘happiest place on earth’ and all things magical. 

If you’re just joining us today, we recommend you take a moment and listen to episode 190, to hear how customer experience is more critical in 2020 than product or price.

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Questions To Consider,

  • Who is not doing business with you, that should be?
  • How do you create micro ‘wows’ that lead to mega ‘wows’?

Listen For,

 The best ways to hear the voice of your customer.

• When to ask your questions.

“Reach out to 50 of your recent customers. You’ll never get better feedback than having a conversation with them, talking with them and getting their feelings, actions, and beliefs. This is your Primary Research. Ask them before, during, and after their experience (pre-purchase, purchase, and post-purchase). Give them the ability to submit their ideas on how to make your business better. You couldn’t possibly get better feedback.” Roland Frasier.

14 Ways To Get The Voice Of Your Customers

1. Listening Posts.

“Disney actually stations people who are Disney employees, near the points where lots of customers are, that are having different experiences, like buying food or waiting for a ride, and they’re listening, “ear hustling,” taking notes about what the customers are saying.” Roland Frasier

2. Online surveys.

3. Comment cards. (This idea may be as ‘old as the hills,’ but it still works).

4. Guest opinion reports 

5. Usage studies

6. Ideas submit sites.

7. Messenger Apps.

8. Mystery Shoppers.

“I will tell you that if you get a professional to do this, it is annoying as hell. Right? But if you can get past being defensive, then you will learn a tremendous amount of information. Fantastic investment, definitely worth it.” Roland Frasier

9. Telephone surveys

10. Guest emails

11. Focus groups 

12. In-app surveys, 

13. Support desk feedback

14. Social listening (everything from Google alerts to expensive social listing applications).

PLUS, Listen for,

More powerful hacks to create a connection and a superior customer experience.

“Even if you have an all online business.. make eye contact and smile. They’ve done studies that say that if you smile while you’re talking on the phone, it puts you in a different state, and the people on the other end will actually realize it”. Roland Frasier

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