Episode 197, How To Fund And Flip Homes In An Expensive Market, With Brian Daly

On Business Lunch, Roland Frasier asks the right questions, and his guests are happy to share what they’ve learned. He gets the information that our listeners want. Today is no different. Brian Daly is a successful real estate investor, entrepreneur, writer, and speaker in glorious San Diego, California. He’s ‘flipping’ homes in a pricey market, and he’s making it work.

If you’re interested in Real Estate and how to compete in a tough market, this episode will be insightful and worth every minute, as Brian walks Roland through a typical deal.

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Listen Today For,

  • How he got started and how he started over.

But, it just took a lot of grit, right? We worked like every other entrepreneur! We had a nine to five, which was more like a nine to seven, and then from 7 pm to 12 am, we would scour the MLS and make a list of who we wanted to call the next day. Then, on the way to work, we would start going down the list as we were driving. It was a routine that we did for about six months”. Brian Daly.

  • How you could get into real estate investing.

“The entry barriers (with real estate) are fairly low, and they’re all mental”. Brian Daly.

  • How to entirely ‘side-step’ competing with incumbent competitors.
  • Ways to make it work in an expensive market.

“I believe in protecting downside more than the upside”. BrianDaly.

  • What to do when a property is SO bad that it’s not eligible for financing.

“When the property condition is rough, and a lot of these are nasty, a lender is not going to finance it. They’re going to require a lot of repairs, and in most cases, when the property is like that, the seller is not in a position to do repairs”. Brian Daly.

  • The unique customer avatar that Brad and his company target and how he wins ‘her’ over.

We focus on creating dialogue, creating a relationship with and loving on real estate agents. And then, the leads come to us, and that’s how we focus on growing, our strategy this time around.” Brian Daly

• A way to work with investors and lenders that keeps everyone super happy.

And more!

Plus, Listen for Brad’s Advice If You’re Starting Out.

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