Episode 93: Can You Axe Your Limiting Beliefs To Get What You Really Want? With Roland Frasier

Businesses Do Grow Lightning Fast – When They Have To.

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If you’ve been tracking with us on Business Lunch with Roland Frasier, you will have detected a growing theme, with Roland inspiring you to Think Bigger and Move Faster with a mindset adjustment and a smarter approach. In this way, you can indeed 10X your business in a year, or 10 times faster than everyone else thinks it can be done.

“There’s no time constraint other than the one that we impose on our growth as a result of our mindset or our physical wellbeing” – Roland Frasier

So if you’ve wondered how billion-dollar businesses like Uber, Airbnb or Virgin scaled as fast as they did, this is a phenomenal episode for you. Roland sets out HIS intentions and how he plans to do it.

Listen Today for

• The reason Roland is so fired up and hungry

• Roland’s examples and evidence that you CAN scale FASTER than you think

• The Artificial construct that we’ve been taught that holds us back and the beliefs that we mistake as a reality

• How we tend to operate at ‘under-indexing’ levels

• What we ACTUALLY need to grow quickly

• The number one belief that kills dreams

• Two things that are actually growth requirements

  1. Our Mindset
  2. Our Physical Condition

The number one thing that kills dreams and limits our otherwise limitless potential is not so much a belief that something can’t be done, but a belief that it can only be done linearly, and not exponentially, that it can only be done with certain resources and in a certain amount of time. I believe that we can supersede our beliefs and then fold time in half, and then fold it in half again…Roland Frasier

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References Mentioned In This Episode

James Schramko

Time Collapsing Book

Living With A Seal Book

You Can’t Hurt Me Book

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