Episode 179: Connecting Like It’s Your SuperPower (The Magic Rapport Formula), with Joe Polish

We’re excited to share this conversation between Joe Polish and Roland Frasier. Joe is known for his ability to connect with almost anyone on the planet. Polish is the founder of Piranha Marketing, Genius Network, GeniusX, and the non-profit organization Genius Recovery Foundation.

If you want to become a better connector while working on adding more value to the world, this is your episode.

Joe shares nine ways to become a better connector, a slew of life-changing books and a wealth of wisdom for entrepreneurs. For more from Joe, head over to his website and jump over to episode 143, which we recorded at the beginning of this pandemic season.

I don’t ask anybody to do anything for me without creating Value first. I don’t have an entitlement attitude. Like I am not entitled to any money, any access, anything if I don’t create value first.” Joe Polish

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9 Ways To Become A Better Connector

  1. Focus on how you will help people or reduce their suffering.
  2. Treat others like you’d be like to treated.
  3. Appreciate people and acknowledge people.
  4. Give Value on the spot.
  5. Create education-based help with your expertise that people can then give away to others.
  6. Connect one person a week to someone who can solve their problem or help them reach their opportunity.
  7. Give people elegant ideas
  8. Help people make better decisions.
  9. Get as close to in-person as you can.

“People say time is money. Maybe relationships are money. When you wake up and turn off your alarm clock or whatever, you know, piles of money don’t show up. Money comes from the development of relationships. People that you hire, people that you work with, the Value you create in the world. Create more Value. You’re going to get more money.” Joe Polish.

Plus, Listen For,

  • Where he would ‘start’ as a marketer if he was starting out today.
  • The Philosophy behind his ‘superpower’ (Connecting).
  • How to reconcile the unquenchable need for input.

“I just have a massive curiosity. If people are not really curious, I don’t know if they’d be willing to do the type of work I’m willing to do. I care, I mean, I care a lot about certain things.” Joe Polish

  • His appreciation for minimalism and meditation.

“One of the challenges with being a salesperson is you can sell yourself into all kinds of messes…For very successful people, success traps are harder to get out of than failure traps because you’re making money, and you have all this fame, notoriety, but you hate your life.”

Mentioned In This Episode

Joes Free Book 

Genius Recovery Network 

Connected The Movie

Books Mentioned:

Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins

Ogilvy on advertising by David Ogilvy

The Robert Collier Letter Book 

How to write a successful advertisement, Vic Schwab

The Miracle Morning For Addiction 

Little Black Stretchy Pants

Shoe Dog

Master Life, David Kekich

The Road Less Stupid

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