Dealing with Negative Criticism and Haters

When you put yourself out there online, the haters are going to find you. How do you keep them from getting under your skin?

In today’s episode, host Roland Frasier shares honestly about some recent critical feedback he’s received on his paid ads online. If this were constructive criticism, that would be one thing. But some of it has been hateful and hurtful comments—about his intelligence, his motives, and even his facial features. There’s never success without criticism. Roland encourages you to understand that this hate has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the hater. They’re either angry or jealous or insecure or just having a really bad day. You can’t let them stop you from doing what you were put on earth to do.

Listen in to get some helpful advice about dealing with hateful critics in a healthy way.


  • Mindset shifts that will give you much-needed perspective 
  • How to not take the hate personally when that’s all you know to do  
  • Creative (and funny) ways to deflect criticism and hateful comments
  • 3 things to always keep in the front of your mind


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