Episode 200: Our Most-Listened To Episodes And The Mini-Series You Don’t Want To Miss.

We are celebrating 200 Episodes, and going strong! Whether you’re joining us as a new listener or you’ve been tuning in since Episode 001, we’ve covered some serious ground! We’ve surpassed 1 million downloads, and we thought it would be fun today to share a few of the most-listened-to episodes that seemed to SPIKE and strike a chord!

Producer Darren Clarke takes you through our 4 most listened-to episodes.

Most Listened To Episode #1 

Episode 114 with Ray Sinlau On Affiliate Marketing and Rapid Acceleration To An 8-Figure Business

The Coder That Went ‘All In’ On Affiliate Marketing.

Take Me There

Listen if you want to know,

  • The networking tips that have served him well.
  • The challenges of working with Affiliate marketers.
  • The commission rates he looks for (and when you can negotiate).
  • The seasonality of Ad Costs and when you sometimes just need to kill a campaign.
  • How he pays his team and structures compensation.

 And more!

Most Listened To Episode #2

Rachel Pedersen On Social Media Strategies, Getting Attention & Withstanding The Pressure! 

Did you catch that one? Click here to listen.

She talks about Attention: How To Get It, Sustain It, Monetize It, and Respect It.

“So many people are broadcasting. They’re not conversing. There’s something so powerful about replying to a comment and engaging”. Rachel Pedersen.

Most Listened To Episode #3

We thought most people would miss because we aired it on Christmas day, but our listeners are DIE HARDS because it turned out to be one of our most listened-to episodes. 

#118 with Andre Norman – talking about TRANSFORMATION. 

Andre tells his inspiring story about going from maximum security prison to speaking at The White House. 

Listen here.

He’s all about interrupting ‘The Funnel Of Criminality,’ which I think we can all get on board with, and you’ll hear he has great insight on leadership and so much more. 

“I look at every variable that I can be shut down in or killed on. Get it right or die. I took training people very seriously because where I came from the first time I get it wrong, I die”. Andre Norman

Most Listened To Episode #4

This episode was Part 1 in a series from our fine host, Roland Frasier.

The Long AND The Short Of It, Part 1, How To Have It All. With Roland Frasier

If you didn’t tune in for that series, we highly recommend it! It struck a nerve because so many entrepreneurs struggle with this very thing:

Wealth versus income and how to have it all!

Do you…

  1. Focus on creating as much income as possible in the short term, but neglect to think about building wealth for the long term?
  2. Focus on building wealth in the long term, and forget to think about making income for the short term?

The rare few focus on creating income for the short term AND build wealth for the long term. In this episode, Roland establishes that YOU CAN have it all and launches a new series, teaching us how to do just that.

“When the dancing stops, the money stops with it. Then it’s time to face the music. There’s frequently no wealth to fall back on, and you are forced to start dancing again or significantly lower your standard of living”. Roland Frasier

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