Episode 373: Who’s (Actually) Winning in the Elon Musk Saga?

What’s next in the Elon-Twitter saga? 

Ryan and Roland sit down to discuss practical ways the Twitter-Elon saga will end — and why Twitter deciding to take Musk to court might not be such a great idea.

In July 2022, Elon Musk withdrew his $44 billion bid to take over Twitter, citing a material breach. Twitter responded quickly by taking legal action to force Musk to honor his commitment. However, the courts now want Twitter to reveal their site’s bot data. And while Twitter is focused on bringing out the heavy artillery, Elon is out tweeting memes of himself and outwardly mocking the Twitter board on their own platform. 

The big question remains, who will win if the saga breaks into an all-out legal war? Will Elon eventually buy Twitter now that their stocks are on a downward trend? 

Listen in as Roland and Ryan discuss key takeaways and learnings from the recent Elon Musk-Twitter Saga!


  • The Elon-Twitter saga continues
  • Spam bot info and what that means
  • The story behind Elon’s memes from a marketing perspective
  • How to use memes to reinforce a narrative
  • What does Elon really want from Twitter?
  • Twitter stock drops, and investor concerns over the saga
  • The theory of vertical integration
  • How to use vertical integration to scale your business


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