Episode 374: 10ish Ways to Get Your Team to Move Faster

Do you feel your team is not moving fast enough to stay ahead?

On today’s episode, Ryan and Roland discuss why entrepreneurs and team leaders are so obsessed with speed and making things happen. 

The world of business is moving fast, but change is happening faster. Customers are getting smarter, and your competition is bringing in the big guns trying to beat you on price. What does all this mean to the average entrepreneur or team leader? Ryan and Roland believe it’s time to pick up the pace.

If you’re doing what you need to do but feel like your team is just not “in the game” as much as you’d like, this episode is for you. Listen in for some simple, easy-to-execute ways to speed up employee work execution and get things done faster.


  • 10 ways to make your business move faster
  • Reasons why speed is everything in business
  • How to give your team more time by setting clear deadlines
  • When to prioritize speed over perfection
  • How to create a fail-fast culture that fosters innovation
  • Speed of execution and why it’s so important
  • How to create a sense of urgency within your organization



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