Episode 377: Mental Models of Successful Business Owners | Part 1

All business plans are full of assumptions. And while we can’t accurately say whether a business will be profitable, we can focus on making educated assumptions.

On today’s episode, host Roland Frasier tackles mental models and business assumptions. He also goes through basic strategies world-leading thinkers use to solve complex problems. 

We all make assumptions. In fact, anything you can’t prove is an assumption. Unfortunately, many of our assumptions are incorrect, which is why Roland believes business owners must embrace the idea of first principles. The first principles concept is essentially breaking down complex problems and then reassembling them from the ground up. All this starts with questioning your beliefs and drilling down to the foundational truths of a problem.

Tune in to learn how you can stop making assumptions in your business, see the bigger picture, and make decisions based on actual facts. 


  • The advantages of questioning your beliefs and assumptions in business
  • Validation testing and why it’s so important
  • First principles and the building blocks of true knowledge
  • Why focus groups don’t always give an accurate picture of reality
  • Comparing the effectiveness of customer surveys versus online reviews
  • How to create a business model based on facts and not assumptions
  • How world-leading experts solve problems through fundamental assumptions 
  • What happens when we stop assuming and start testing facts?


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