Episode 386: Logical Lies: Why Typical Investing Advice Might be Wrong for You with Ryan Deiss

Just because something sounds or makes you feel good does not mean it’s good advice. You might be dealing with a logical lie. 

On today’s episode, hosts Ryan and Roland talk about logical lies and why bad advice that sounds good is detrimental to your business or your personal life. 

Lousy advice will ruin your chances of success now and into the future. So, you have a decision to make. You can keep following terrible advice that makes you feel good – and keep wondering why it doesn’t work. Or you can look at all the facts, question their validity, and then make your decision. 

If you 100% believe something is true, it’s easy to be misled. Tune in to learn why it’s so important to discern why something makes sense before making a decision. 


  • What are logical lies and how to spot them
  • Common logical lies that sound and make us feel good
  • The benefits of questioning the validity of something before committing
  • Why critical thinking is a skill you need to master
  • It’s okay to be employed and have a job
  • The danger of blindly following bad advice


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