Episode 389: Keys to Creating an Excitable Business You Can Sell (Part 1)

How soon should a business owner start planning to exit the business?

On today’s episode, host Roland Frasier goes through the 5 exits of an entrepreneur and practical tips for structuring your business for a successful exit. It may seem counterintuitive for business owners to develop exit strategies, especially when their business is doing well. But as Ryan explains, there will come a time when the business owner has to exit the business. And when such time comes, the business has to be ready if the owner is to maximize the valuation of the business.

It doesn’t matter how far off an entrepreneur is from selling the business. Planning ahead helps create more value and weed out issues before pulling the trigger. 

Tune in to learn more about the benefits of developing exit-ready structures in your business and maximize your business’ valuation by strengthening its value proposition.


  • The benefits of having a business exit strategy in place
  • The 5 exits of an entrepreneur
  • Ways to structure your business for a potential exit
  • How to create multiple exit opportunities in one company
  • The goose and egg structure in business
  • Understand the main categories of buyers
  • Why EBITDA is such a big thing in exit planning
  •  Efficient business structures for a successful exit


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