Episode 390: Dealing with Haters. Extortion and Threats

What would you do to mitigate the threat of an extortion attempt against your business? 

On today’s episode, hosts Ryan and Roland go through the dos and don’ts of responding to online trolls, hate speech, and extortion attempts. This comes after a recent extortion attempt where some guy threatened the team with harmful reviews in exchange for access to a program worth thousands of dollars. 

If you ever receive a blackmail message, remember to stay calm. The extortionist’s primary objective is to threaten you into responding and eventually paying some form of ransom. But, in most cases, they cannot hurt you. It doesn’t matter if the threat includes some truth or not; you’re always better off not engaging in their antics.

Tune in to learn more about extortion attempts and how to stay level-headed when a scammer threatens your brand image and online reputation.


  • How to handle an extortion attempt on your business
  • Why engaging with an extortionist is never a good idea
  • What to do after receiving negative online reviews
  • The benefits of taking a mindful pause before responding 
  • How to deal with haters and negative reviews
  • The only time it makes sense to respond to a hater or an extortionist
  • When silence makes you look guilty
  • Remember, this too shall pass


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