Episode 391: Keys to Creating an Exitable Business (Part 2)

Will your business succeed after you leave? Can the new owners expect the business to perform at the same level or even better after you exit?

On today’s episode, host Roland Frasier goes through the benefits of having exit-ready structures in your business. To achieve the optimum value from an exit, you need to develop exit-ready structures. Even more importantly, you must understand that being exit ready does not mean you have to be thinking about exiting the business right now. It’s just a measure to protect the value of your business for when you decide to sell. 

Value erosion can and does occur at various stages of an exit. Having exit-ready structures helps mitigate the risk and maintain the perceived value of the business.

Listen in to learn more about the benefits of developing exit-ready structures in your business and create an attractive offering by strengthening its value proposition.


  • The benefits of having a business exit strategy in place
  • Plan for an exit through a capability assessment
  • Ways to structure your business for a potential exit
  • How to strengthen the value proposition of your business
  • Ways to protect your business against liabilities


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