Episode 392: Preventing Your Employees from ‘Quiet Quitting’

What is quiet quitting, and should business owners be worried about it? 

On today’s episode, hosts Roland and Ryan tackle version 2.0 of the Great Resignation – quiet quitting. Despite the name, Roland explains that the term has nothing to do with actually quitting your job. Employees still show up for work but only perform tasks on the job requirements and nothing more. So no more going above and beyond, staying up late, or replying to emails on weekends.

Some people view quiet quitting as a rebellion against hustle culture, while the older generations believe the concept is another pointer to Millenials and Gen Z’s supposed laziness. Nonetheless, quietly dropping the responsibilities you believe are beyond your job description is not a sustainable solution. There are other better ways to achieve what you want, Ryan says.

Tune in to learn more about the quiet quitting craze that’s taking TikTok and the workforce by storm and what you as a business owner can do to address quiet quitters n your team. 


  • What is quiet quitting?
  • The reasoning behind quiet quitting 
  • Telltale signs of a quiet quitter
  • Understand employment is a mutually exploitative relationship 
  • How business owners can deal with quiet quitters
  • The problem with mismatched employee expectations
  • Why quiet quitting is a leadership problem
  • Acceptable reasons for employee termination


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