Episode #393: The Goose and Egg Strategy for Selling Your Business | Creating an Exitable Business (Part 3)

Did you know you can sell pieces of your business and still keep the primary entity?

On today’s episode, host Roland Frasier shares how business owners can have multiple exits without selling the main company.

As a business owner, you don’t have to sell your entire company should you decide to cash out or retire. Think of it like the goose and the egg analogy. The goose is your company; the golden eggs are independent entities that aren’t tied to the larger business. These smaller entities can be sold, but the goose remains and could lay even more golden eggs in the future.

Listen in to learn how you can develop the clarity you need to sell pieces of your business for massive money while retaining the parent company.


  • What are exit-ready structures?
  • The numerous types of business exits
  • Why it’s so hard to sell a proprietorship
  • Entity choices in the UK, US, and Australia
  • Main stages of business growth and evolution
  • The goose and the egg analogy in business
  • How to create multiple entities in one company


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