Episode 404: How to Only Do the Deals You Love with Trevor Jenson

Want to start consulting for equity? Would it make sense to be a general consultant advising everyone about everything?

On today’s episode, host Roland Frasier talks to Trevor Jenson, a deal junkie with a reputation for being able to raise money and close deals. Trevor shares how he was able to buy a company without money out of pocket and how consulting for equity allowed him to cross paths with Dwight Freeney and Michael Jordan. 

If you want to be successful when consulting for equity, you must pick a niche. After consulting for 200 companies in just under a year and a half, Trevor’s consulting company still failed to take off. Why? Because they consulted for all types of businesses. You can’t be an expert at everything. And soon enough, clients will see past your lack of depth in a particular area of expertise.   


  • How to buy companies with no money out of pocket
  • Why you should consider investing in the eSports space
  • The power of consulting for equity
  • You need different mentors at different levels of growth
  • Niche: Required or unnecessary when consulting for equity?
  • First step to raising money through a fund
  • Testing the viability of your idea using data


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