Episode 407: 5 Steps to Acquiring Businesses for $0 Out of Pocket

How do you start acquiring businesses with no money out of pocket?

On today’s episode, host Roland Frasier explains how you can position yourself as an investor and attract more lucrative deals. A vast majority of us want to become wealthy. Some people take the frugal path and choose to save more; others go all out and invest in high-return investments. However, Roland believes if you want to create wealth super fast, you need to buy assets that are worth more than what you have to pay – or better yet, with no money out of pocket.

Listen in to hear fool-proof strategies to help you acquire already successful businesses in a world full of motivated sellers. 

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • Understanding deal life cycles
  • How to acquire companies with no money out of pocket
  • Working in vs. working on your business
  • What is consulting for equity?
  • The magic of the special purpose vehicle (SPV)
  • How to monetize your consulting for equity deals
  • Difference between owner-operated and professionally managed businesses
  • Benefits of buying companies from motivated sellers


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