Episode 409: The Number One Business Health Metric

In today’s episode, hosts Ryan Deiss and Roland Frasier discuss the best indicator of a business’s overall health. Although having different ideas, the common thread is observing trend-based results rather than dated numbers. They also talk about the importance of deeply understanding the growth capacity of a business before acquiring it and achieving the balance of having free distributable cash and future investment in R&D.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • 03:16 A Question Entrepreneurs and Investors Are Not Asking
  • 08:13 Roland’s Number One Business Health Metric And How To Find It
  • 11:20 Ryan’s Number One Business Health Metric And How To Find It
  • 15:45 Your Core Investment Strategy May Not Work
  • 18:42 Where You Stand Now Can Change Tomorrow: The Unpredictability Of The Market
  • 20:09 The Biggest Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make
  • 22:16 Growable Isn’t The Same As Scaleable

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