Episode 410: Master Your Calendar and Manage Your Time

In today’s episode, the hosts share their personal techniques for effective calendar management. While entrepreneurs can either have a stringent or flexible daily schedule, balancing it out can be a challenge. They also talk about the different types of work to consider when time-blocking, how your morning routine sets you up for success and being clear on when you accept and refuse work.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • 00:15 A Jam-Packed Schedule Isn’t For Everyone
  • 02:23 How Roland Lives By The Calendar
  • 05:30 Why Ryan Has One Calendar For Business And Personal Stuff
  • 06:50 The Fastest Way To Deal With Invites
  • 08:56 Uninterrupted Flow State Work Should Be Scheduled
  • 15:42 An Empty Calendar Can Be A Red Flag
  • 21:55 Whatever You Do, Your Calendar Must Optimize It
  • 25:35 Know Your Weekly Top Three Tasks And Your “Chocolate Cake” Work

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