Episode 488: YouTube Growth Strategies with Evan Carmichael

In this episode of The Business Lunch Podcast, host Roland Frasier shares insights from his time at a  live event where he was a guest speaker. 

Roland brings on YouTube expert Evan Carmichael to discuss strategies for leveraging existing coaching sessions and training calls into high-quality YouTube content. Evan outlines how to structure videos for maximum viewer engagement and retention in order to drive leads and sales. 

He emphasizes starting with a powerful hook, including a mid-video call-to-action, and chaining viewers to the next video through end screens. 

Listen in as Roland gets advice and shares on optimizing his current content creation process to grow his YouTube channel and business! 


“Your job is to teach them to think like you think, like, you think differently. Like you walk in this room when you see things that most people don’t see. And so that becomes your job is to teach other people how to do it.”

“If you’re actually good at coaching and consulting, so where your magical is then saying, Okay, you think that’s a question, but then like, let’s ask here that Oh, my God even think about that. And when when you get the aha moment with them? That’s really like, they want to work with you.” 

“The game is not ranking for keywords in search. The game is ranking after other existing videos.” 


  • 00:00: Introduction
  • 04:46: YouTube Growth Strategies 
  • 14:31: Video Content 
  • 19:16: Leadership 
  • 27:42: YouTube Retention 
  • 31:16: Power Of Audio 
  • 44:08: Video Marketing Strategies 


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