Episode 136, How To Ignite Visibility With Your Digital Marketing Strategy, with John Lincoln

Today, Roland sits down with sought after Digital marketing strategist John Lincoln. He’s an entrepreneur, author, industry speaker, and CEO of Ignite Visibility,  a 3x Inc 5000 company managing 100 million in Ads a year. If you’re an Entrepreneur or Digital Marketer, there’s A LOT to be learned in this conversation with Roland and John. To dig in further with John, visit his website here.

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Listen Today To Get Up To Speed On The Latest In Digital Marketing

• John’s Publishing Formula for reliable results.

• His tips and tools for Creating Content (and why he hires professional copywriters and copy editors for all of his content).

• Is Siri a serious contender? How vital is Voice search? Find out what he thinks and what his company is doing to prepare.

“Voice searches are three times more likely to be local, and projected to be 50% of all searches next year”. John Lincoln 

 John’s thoughts on SEO in the current digital marketing eco-system.

• Why his team is ‘hot on Push Notifications’ and his preferred tools.

• When to consider What’s App as an important channel.

• Whether there’s a marketing opportunity in text messaging. Would you dare?

• His tips for GDPR and the new California laws and ADA compliance (more here).

“I love the idea of building and sculpting an audience over time… Having a reliable place that I can go to at any time…to bring in business”. John Lincoln

John’s Biggest Challenges & His Takeaways For Entrepreneurs

  • The priceless advantage of a great business partner.
  • One of the biggest reasons agencies disappear.
  • The value of building a thorough business model BEFORE you launch.
  • John’s insights on hiring RIGHT and why he doesn’t ‘hire on skills’.
  • The compass he uses to manage his time
  • How he has (and always will) manage cash flow.

“If you align your passion with your business, it’s super fun. Don’t do business because you’re going to make some money. Make sure you’re going to really enjoy it”. John Lincoln

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References and Resources Mentioned In This Episode

The Forecaster Method Book

His YouTube Channel


Buzz Sumo 

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