Episode 246: Entrepreneurial Wisdom From World-Changing Women

For International Women’s Day, we’ve put together a montage of WISDOM from some of the superb female entrepreneurs we’ve had on the podcast. Share this show to celebrate women in business in 2021.

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March is an extra special month for the podcast. Yes, it contains International Women’s Day, but we’ve also lined up the first release of Roland’s interviews with Sir Richard Branson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Marcus Lemonis.

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11 Leading Ladies To Listen To on International Women’s Day.

1. Rachel Pedersen

CEO / Entrepreneur / ‘Queen of Social Media’. This Minnesota mother of three runs two successful businesses. Roland and Rachel discuss partnerships, pressure, and her “favorite lessons” learned:

Episode 116: Rachel Pedersen On Social Media Strategies, Getting Attention & Withstanding The Pressure.

If you want to rise to big things, you have to be comfortable with the other side of it. The shadow of it”. Rachel Pedersen.

2. Danette May

Founder of Mindful Health and The Rise movement. She’s a world-renowned motivational speaker, #1 best-selling author, and former celebrity fitness trainer. Roland and Danette talked about her journey to an 8-Figure business.

Episode 90: Danette May on Soul-Writing Her Way To An 8-Figure Business

As an entrepreneur, we can always be looking to that mountain. We’re like climbers, we just go, go, go because we see a destination. But can notice every single thing on each step that we’re taking? Ask, Am I really enjoying this journey? Because it’s a freaking Epic ride right now!” Danette May.

3. JJ Virgin

Celebrity nutritionist and hugely successful entrepreneur. Roland and JJ discuss how she overcame many obstacles to build her multimillion-dollar nutrition empire.

Episode 1: An Entrepreneurs Tale, With JJ Virgin.

4. Pam Jordan

Founder of the Pivot Business Group, and known to many as ‘The Profit Finder.’ Pam’s firm offers executive-level financial services. They walk with companies through growth AND hard times, helping them find more profit. In this episode, she talks with Roland about helping your company no matter what stage you’re at.

Episode 84: How To Have a CFO or Think Like a CFO – When You Can’t Afford A CFO, with Pam Jordan

5. Marisa Murgatroyd

Marisa Murgatroyd turns everyday entrepreneurs into online superheroes! – So that they can change the world from their living room. She provides branding solutions to 6, 7, and 8 figure entrepreneurs, and has built her online company, LiveYour Message, from zero to 1.5 million.

Episode 96 about ‘How To Design A Thief-Proof, Customer-Obsessed, Unstoppable Online program.

“I think that people really want high touch, customized experiences…People are not going to be spending top dollar for content they could just rip off the web.” Marisa Murgatroyd

6. Allison Maslan

After running and selling ten companies, lifelong entrepreneur and author, Allison Maslan, began coaching businesses and helping them scale. In this episode, she tells her story while Roland draws out some great takeaways for entrepreneurs.

Episode 60: How to Scale And Step Out Of The Passion Business You’ve Built.

7. Lisa Sasevich

Founder and CEO of The Invisible Close™, an Inc. 500 company that has helped 15,000 students in more than 134 countries. Roland and Lisa talk about her success, her past, and her passion on Episode 151: 

How To Turn Your Knowledge Into Profit & Make Irresistible Offers With Lisa Sasevich.

“Don’t change your act, change your audience”. Lisa Sasevich.

8. Rachel Tipograph

CEO and founder of MikMak, the e-commerce platform for highly distributed brands in this social video generation. Rachel’s clients include Bose, Campbell’s, Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, Levi’s, Mattel, Nestle, T-Mobile, Under Armour, and more.

Episode 128, Rachel Tipograph On E-Commerce, Bold Moves And The Genesis Of A Big Idea.

“So my thesis in marketing is that to change people’s perceptions or behavior, you have to change the environment. So immediately when I started working at Gap, I said I’m not sending anyone to a Gap store. We got to bring the Gap store to them.” Rachel Tipograph

9. Yifat Cohen

Engagement maven, international speaker, and influencer/marketer. Yifat talks in this episode about how she is anti-social media, insisting that impressions, likes, and shares don’t pay rent. “But conversions, shares, and interactions that move people to fall in love with your business do.” So if you’re curious how she’s getting 73% conversion rates, listen to: 

Episode 142: How To Build Trust, Loyalty, and An Audience On Any Platform, with Yifat Cohen.

10. Sara Blakely

Sara Blakely took on a declining industry and ended up changing the way women dress. She is the Billionaire Founder of SPANX and was named by Time magazine on their list of the 100 most influential people in the world (2012).

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11. Kara Goldin

Entrepreneur Kara Goldin describes Hint Water as a Fifteen-year-old startup, but Hint is highly profitable and seeing crazy growth even amid the Pandemic. In this episode, she and Roland Frasier talk shop, and she shares some of her story and her insights for entrepreneurs. 

Episode 159, Why Coke And Pepsi Will Never Put Kara Goldin Out Of Business.

“I think, as Entrepreneurs, we can lead an industry, not just lead the consumer… there’s room for all of us, and if I can not only help consumers to find the right things but also lead companies to do the right thing, that’s massive.” Kara Godin.

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