Episode 245: Your Seat At The Table With Robert Cialdini: The Godfather of Influence (and Pre-suasion).

TODAY, we kick off our Power month with the man the myth, known internationally as the Godfather of Influence; Robert Cialidini! Roland asks some great questions to help you apply the profound insights that Cialdini has to offer.

The book had more impact than I could have sensibly imagined when I wrote it, and it’s been around for a long time in consciousness”. Cialdini

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Listen To This Episode For,

  • Examples of Pre-Suasion in an online, digital context.
  • When it would be unethical to use these powerful tactics. 
  • The one kind of Ad that you can show a prospect without them experiencing wear-out effects.
  • What NOT to do when delivering a customer satisfaction survey.
  • Why he waited 30 years to write a sequel to Influence.
  • Where to ask a woman for her phone number – and what you need to be carrying to increase your chances with her.

And more!

Top Takeaways From Robert Cialdini

  1. Pre-Suasion is about what to put into the moment before you send your message that will make people sympathetic to it before they encounter it.
  2. To get a desire to change, you don’t have to alter a person’s belief; you just have to alter what’s prominent in their minds at the point of decision.
  3. Nothing is as important as you think it is while you are thinking about it. If we can get people to think about a particular concept or feature or strength or differentiator we have for them, it becomes more important.

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