Episode 191: Kane Minkus on Being Obsessed, Connected, and Successful – Even In A Virtual World.

How does someone who knows nothing about Marketing start a speaking business from a cold start and build it to a global events-based company?
And then, how do they adapt their event-based model when the Pandemic hits, especially when they HATE webinars?
That’s precisely what Kane and Alessi Minkus have done. Roland sits with Kane and asks all the right questions in this episode of Business Lunch so that you can glean his keys to success and apply them to your situation.
If you want to have a real leap…it’s really about the way you’re thinking. Start to track and think about your beliefs.” Kane Minkus
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Listen Today For

  • How they built their ‘empire’ from scratch.
  • How Kane made the leap from the USA to International.
  • His recommendation on taking your business global.
  • Why they look for VOLUME and need a big pool to support their non-conventional business model.
  • Why he’s no-longer ‘selling education’.
We stopped selling education, and that actually was great. I think education is great, but it’s become oversaturated. It’s totally commoditized.” Kane Minkus.
  • How he vets businesses as potential partners.
  • The Surprising Reason for his 30% profit margin.

Kane’s TOP 3 Keys To Acceleration:

1. Get obsessed with absolute world-class delivery.
2. Get obsessed with fine-tuning your processes.
“I’m very like, you know, OCD about every little thing that goes on.”
3. Get brilliant people on your team or in your corner.
“I really understood what it meant to have somebody that was an extraordinary thinker…how important it was to have world-class thinkers on your team”. Kane Minkus.

Plus, How They’re Adapting To The Limitations Of The Pandemic

• What he’s doing to keep things flowing now that he can’t do in-person events.
Actually as we’ve continued to test and refine, cause we’ve done about eight virtual summits now, we realized that actually, if we just take our offline summit, exactly what we were doing and we put it online exactly the same way that actually it works great.” Kane Minkus
• How he overcame his hatred for the classic Webinar and simulated a more LIVE experience for his customers.
I basically built an environment for me that suits my ability to deliver my message and my education in a way that feels right for me.” Kane Minkus
• Why they’re in no rush to go back to their prior model (of extreme traveling).
We are in zero rush to get back to live events… we’re going to get very invested in the virtual world. We don’t have a vested interest in going back live at the same volume that we were at all.” Kane Minkus.
• His experimentation with pricing structures (and Roland’s suggestion to help him get back to the same ticket prices).
“I’ve always had this belief that there are people in the room that get the value of what you’re doing, they get it, whatever it is, and then there’s those that don’t. So, if you price it to try to hit the middle, then you miss where the real value is.” Kane Minkus

Kane’s Advice To You

Number 1: “Stop looking for tactics and start looking at the whole system of how you’re thinking and what you’re doing and question everything. It’s hard to do totally by yourself, but it’s a start”. Kane Minkus
Number 2: Get around people that challenge you.
” One of the first lessons that I got from my coaches in my twenties was, find successful people that believe things differently than you, and then align yourself with their beliefs”. Kane Minkus
Number 3: Use your community more.
The people that are most highly successful, they’re not islands. A lot of business owners and entrepreneurs have the ‘hero syndrome’ where they think they’re better if they figure it all out on their own.” Kane Minkus
Number 4: Learning happens best when you’re in a community of people at different levels.
“It’s essential to be in a tribe where you’ve got people at all different levels, that’s how we learn”. Kane Minkus
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