Episode 192: Override Your Lizard Brain, Calm Your Circuits And Succeed In Chaotic Times, With John Assaraf.

“I invited John to help you with whatever’s holding you back. Like what’s in your brain, in your head that’s stopping you from finding deals, from talking to sellers, closing deals, making offers, whatever those things are”. Roland Frasier

We’ve had John Assaraf on the show before. He’s one of the leading mindset and behavior experts globally, helping entrepreneurs achieve even more than they think they can. He shared the story behind The Secret on Episode 66, and he shared the mindset you’d need to get through this Pandemic/Economic crisis on Episode 145. Both are excellent episodes. 

But today, John keeps it ‘light but deep’ and shares an exercise that you can do wherever you are, that will help you combat the fear and stress that is hindering you, especially as it pertains to stepping forward to expand your business in these chaotic times.

“When we calm the circuits first, when we’re in a state of awareness and set the intention and follow through with one action step, now we’re rewiring our brain, now we’re more active, deductive, happier, more focused, et cetera”. John Assaraf

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Listen For, 

  • What’s happening right now neurologically in most of our brains due to the crazy times we’re in (2020)!
  • The kinds of fears that entrepreneurs automatically face beneath their level of Awareness.

We have self-doubt. We feel uncertain. We may worry. We may have anxiety, and we may have fear. What kind of fear? Fear this may not work for me. Fear it’s not the right time. A fear I might fail, fear I might succeed and then fail. A fear I might be disappointed, embarrassed, ashamed, ridiculed, or judged.” John Assaraf

  • John’s “Innercise” that will help you ‘calm the circuits’.
  • The key to change.

Awareness is what gives you a choice, and the choice is what gives you freedom. It’s not to react automatically based on your old paradigms, old beliefs, and habits. The key to all change is Awareness of the thoughts, emotions, feelings, sensations, behaviors in a state of no judgment, blame, shame, guilt, or justification”. John Assaraf.

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