Episode 348: Lessons from Building a Billion Dollar Business | Interview with Jonathan Cronstedt of Kajabi

You start building a business for a very specific purpose, but when you shift into growth mode, you may have to switch psychological gears to get where you want to go. 

On today’s episode, host Roland Frasier interviews his good friend Jonathan Cronstedt, President of Kajabi, a business valued at $2 billion. This conversation took place at a recent War Room Mastermind, which members pay $35k/year for, so you’re getting a valuable inside look. Jonathan was actually the CEO of DigitalMarketer for a bit in 2013, then moved on to a few other companies before landing at Kajabi. When he came on board, they had 30 employees and $6 million in annual recurring revenue. Now they’re at 400 employees and a 9-figure ARR. He talks openly and honestly about the things they did right (and wrong) as they built Kajabi into the billion dollar business it is today.

Listen in for some actionable tips and strategies for growing your business in big ways.


  • What “living breathing” tool the Kajabi team uses as much as their iPhones 
  • Why (and how) to be proactive instead of reactive with your hiring 
  • What you should be writing on LinkedIn every single day
  • Why it’s so important to recognize and celebrate success within your community 



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