The Truth About Creating a Business Plan

The 10-year business plan is a relic of the past—even a 3-year plan is too long. So is creating a business plan even worth the trouble?

On today’s episode, host Roland Frasier answers that question with an unequivocal YES. You absolutely need a business plan—and for reasons you may not have thought of. A business plan done right can help you understand your business so much better, which will help you set goals wisely and achieve them on time. A good business plan is both interactive and dynamic, and it requires quarterly analysis, feedback, and modification in order to actually be effective. A good business plan can be used for recruiting, retention, value proposition, finding investors, getting capital, and so much more.

Listen in for some expert advice on creating a business plan that sets you apart—and sets you up for success. 


  • The best timeline for a business plan, how to break it down, and how often to review it 
  • Tips for using your business plan to create a unique value proposition
  • Ways to use your business plan as a sales, recruiting, and retention tool
  • How to use your business plan to attract future buyers when you’re ready to exit


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