Episode 208, Finding The Right Acquisitions To Fast Track Growth, With Sam Khorramian.

Today Roland Frasier introduces the Co-founder of 7-year-old Big Block Realty, Sam Khorramian, and they talk acquisitions and growth. Last year Big Block did almost 4 billion in sales with their innovative model and over a thousand agents. They also hit the top 35 fastest growing companies three years in a row. Sam and his partner Oliver Graf are looking to expand Nationally, and you will hear today how they’re doing this through acquisitions. Listen for a step-by-step case study on how an acquisition deal goes down.

Acquisitions, in general, are some of the most predictable and scalable ways to grow your business. So we’ve purchased a really large Facebook group. We’ve bought a few brokerages, we’ve purchased parts of a marketing agency, a software company, all of these things we’ve done with no money or very little money down“. Sam Khorramian

For more from Sam and his partner, check out Episode 70.

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Listen Today For, 

• How Sam is finding these Acquisition opportunities.

“I’m always positioning myself. If I’m on podcasts, on my social, if I’m on stage, I’m always putting it out there that I’m looking to buy businesses”. Sam Khorramian

• Why (and how) Sam acquired a Facebook Group and a Podcast.

“We’re always trying to gather media and attention. So if we could buy the media, then we control the media and control the attention”. Sam Khorramian

• Important steps to make the deal actually happen.

What I’ve found with this is people are often really hot, and then they’re really cold, and then they’re really hot, and they’re really cold. So I’m a big believer that the first thing I need to do is get them to trust me, like me, and want to do the deal with me,“. Sam Khorramian.

• The two questions every prospective seller is thinking.

  1. How does this work?
  2. Am I going to get taken advantage of?

• How Sam does the Math and predicts the margins).

And more!

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