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Episode 116: Rachel Pedersen On Social Media Strategies, Getting Attention & Withstanding The Pressure.

Known as the ‘Queen of Social Media’, Rachel Pederson empowers businesses with social media strategies that support MASSIVE, needle-moving growth. She runs two successful businesses, knows how to get peoples’ attention, and will always find a way to connect with whoever she wants to connect with. Roland Frasier sits down with Rachel to hear her story, her lessons learned and how she does what she does.

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Episode 200: Our Most-Listened To Episodes And The Mini-Series You Don’t Want To Miss.

We are celebrating 200 Episodes, and going strong! Whether you’re joining us as a new listener or you’ve been tuning in since Episode 001, we’ve covered some serious ground! We’ve surpassed 1 million downloads, and we thought it would be fun today to share a few of the most-listened-to episodes that seemed to SPIKE and strike a chord! Producer Darren Clarke takes you through our 4 most listened-to episodes, featuring Ray Sinlau, Rachel Pederson, Andre Norman, and Roland Frasier.

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